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The NAT Is History Done Well!

There is a beautiful park near San Diego called Balboa Park. It has a zoo, garden and the NAT, a history museum at the park. I have to say... it was actually really good! There is a lot of educational value in the exhibits like a small desert show on the top floor. There are also cool features like a Dolby 3D Cinema that plays nature documentaries in either 2D or 3D. There are lots of interactive exhibits and spaces for the whole family to enjoy!

The San Diego Society of Natural History was founded in 1874 and was originally California's primary source of scientific culture. The Natural History Museum building was dedicated on January 14, 1933 and currently stands today. The building originally costed $175,000 (or $3,482,203 when adjusted for inflation).

All in all, the museum is something I highly recommend you check out for yourself whenever you're in San Diego. The museum is really fun and hope you will too!

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