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The Most Immersive VR Experience Ever!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The VOID at The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes

I recently visited The VOID at The Venetian in the Las Vegas Strip. When I went to The VOID, experienced Ralph Breaks VR and I can only describe it with one word: WOW. Despite it being my first time in a hyper-reality experience, I loved it! The VOID not only is home to Ralph Breaks VR, but it is also home to other experiences like Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire, Ghostbusters and more. The way this works is really cool! After you enter, you pick a card showing what Internet citizen you like to be. Giving that this is based off the popular film Ralph Breaks The Internet, you go with Ralph and Vanellope to the Internet to play a cool game.

I am sure by now you been asking "What is Hyper Reality?". Well, it is where you wear the usual headset and hold a motion-detecting blaster, but you also wear a backpack vest that contains all the computer stuff used to bring this experience to life. It actually goes beyond that! You actually walk through the virtual world and touch virtual walls! The VOID likes to play with your senses to make you think the virtual world is real. Thanks to IR Sensors in the headset, you can see your hands and each other as cartoons and we were linked so we can hear each other talking.

Overall, Ralph Breaks VR is AMAZING! Some time I will try the Star Wars Experience at The VOID and I would definitely recommend this to a friend or loved one. Make sure to get your tickets early and go to the VOID 10 minutes early of your scheduled time.

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