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Springs Preserve Is A Desert Beauty

Springs Preserve in Las Vegas is a 180 acre green-space with 2 museums and a trolly train! My favorite part of Springs Preserve is the Origen Museum, where there is a traveling exhibit (visit their website for details!) and a permanent exhibit celebrating the Mojave Desert and its beauty. The Mojave Desert exhibit has a 10 minute-long movie about the construction of the Hoover Dam and a Flash Flood Experience that simulates flash floods that happen in the Mojave Desert because of rain and the desert for which is hard baked from the sun.

The other museum is the Nevada State Museum which has giant sculptures and skeletons of dinosaurs and other animals. Springs Preserve even has their own restaurant and rock trading for rock and nature enthusiasts. Overall, I think Springs Preserve is a great place to visit in Las Vegas to escape the hustle and bustle of The Strip.

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