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Powell Hall the Maestro

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The Powell Hall is a very beautiful place to go to in St. Louis! It is the home and theater for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. When we came to Powell Hall for the first time in March to see one of their concerts, I was amazed by how much detail there was put into the architecture. The SLSO and the SLSYO (St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra) are things of beauty, as they hold sensational concerts to those who live in St. Louis and beyond. Unfortunately, I only saw 1 concert at the Powell Hall for the SLSYO because I, sadly don't live in St. Louis. But that doesn't stop me from liking their work! If you want to know what concerts they hold, movies, classics or just a simple song, make sure to go to their website at to see more information on their schedule and tickets. Overall, I would highly recommend the Powell Hall with the SLSO for your next St. Louis vacation. The music they perform at this place is mostly classical, but they also project movies onto the big screen and the orchestra performs the score of the movie live, in sync with the movie playing on the screen. Make sure to check their website for details!

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