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Lake Mead

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Lake Mead is a giant lake in Boulder City, Nevada that borders Arizona and Nevada. It is a 30-60 minute drive from the glittery Las Vegas Strip to the boat launch area depending on traffic. A boat launch area is a slanted ramp that goes into the water to put your boat in the lake by submerging the trailer with the boat into the water and moving the truck or SUV with the trailer away from the water once the boat slips off the trailer.

The lake is warm during the summer (at 82 degrees or more) and is cold in the other seasons (60 degrees or less) because of the climate changes in Las Vegas. I would highly recommend going to the lake during the summer because the weather is warmer and it is mush more fun! I would also recommend bringing some sunscreen if you want to go during the summer. so you don't get sun burn. I think the lake is beautiful and if you have a boat, this lake will be worth trying.

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