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Hard Rock Café Rocks!!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

One of our favorite places to eat is the Hard Rock Café on the Las Vegas Strip. The food is awesome and as you wait for your food, you can find outfits and records on display from the world's greatest rock stars. The staff was very nice to us every time we ate there. One of the most famous food items at Hard Rock Café is the Legendary Burger, I tried it and it was so DELICIOUS!! After you're done eating, you can get souvenirs at their gift shop at the bottom floor. The building is 3 stories tall and they sometimes hold rock concerts on the 3rd floor. If you're planning to eat there, make sure to look at their rock concert schedule to watch one of their concerts! You can make reservations on OpenTable or come in to get a table without a reservation. You can not only eat inside, but you can also eat outside on a patio they have with breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip. Overall, Hard Rock Café is an awesome alternative to the fancy restaurants in Las Vegas that few can afford. Having a night-out at this restaurant is awesome!!

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