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Golden Gate Bridge

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We had recently visited the hiking trail that not only was home to an abandoned bunker, but it also had an awesome view of one of the most famous bridges ever built, the Golden Gate Bridge. Situated above the San Francisco Bay, this 1 mile suspension bridge is a real beauty to those who love San Francisco. The bridge was first built in 1937 and was colored A special orange called international Orange and the reason why they painted it that color was that an improved visibility in fog.

My only con about the bridge is there when I first visited, it was foggy in the morning and I think the best time to visit is like in the afternoon or maybe late morning, but that’s just my opinion. I think it took approximately two years for the Golden Gate Bridge to be built and it is a beautiful site that can be seen from hiking trails around San Francisco Bay. The bridge was featured in Hollywood movies like "Vertigo (1958)","Superman (1978)","The Core (2003)" and more. I would highly recommend you visit the bridge if you’re taking a vacation to San Francisco.

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