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Gateway Arch Scales High

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Every time I visit St. Louis, I am struck by the most famous landmark in St. Louis. The Gateway Arch was built in 1965 and still stands up to today's standards. You can not only look at the arch and touch it (do not sketch bad things on it!), but there is also a museum under the arch about St. Louis's past and history. Personally, I really like the museum in how it likes to educate young children while having fun at the same time. After you explore the museum, there is also a theater called the Tucker Theater which shows every day an Academy Award-nominated 1967 documentary about the construction of the arch called Monument To The Dream. It is a beautiful film and I think it deserves that Oscar!

The most famous attraction at the Arch was an elevator lift that takes you to the top of the Arch to look through windows over looking St. Louis. The Arch is actually 630 feet high and the view from the top is breathtaking! You can see things like the Court House and the Mississippi River separating Illinois and Missouri as St Louis is located next to the riverbed. You know, I think the Gateway Arch is a thing of beauty and easily one of the most famous monuments ever created. Hey, who thinks we should go to St. Louis to congratulate the Blues as they won their first Stanley Cup? I do! I love St. Louis!!

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