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Dave & Busters Arcade Fun!

The front of the Carlsbad location

Dave & Busters was founded in 1982 in Dallas, TX, and started to expand to other parts of the United States. I have been to the Summerlin and Carlsbad locations and they are loads of fun for the whole family! Dave & Busters is a hybrid of a restaurant, sports bar and an arcade with games like Angry Birds Arcade, Air Hockey, Jurassic Park Arcade and Space Invaders Frenzy. The newest addition to most of the locations is a Virtual Reality Motion Simulator with 4 different experiences to choose from, with the minimum price being $6 per person. They are Jurassic World, Dragon-Frost, Star Trek and Men In Black.

It is not just the arcade games that are great, but also the food too! The hamburgers and french fries are really good, but my only con regarding the food is they do not have a gluten free bun option, so please bare that in mind. Overall, the food is good and the arcade games are actually better because of how much fun arcades can be for kids and teens alike. Dave & Busters is a fun place to visit if you like arcades and quality food.

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