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California is Disney Magic!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

You may not have noticed this, but that in my last Disneyland posts, I have not mentioned that there is actually another Disney park located right next-door to Disneyland which celebrates all the fun and adventure of California, it is called Disney’s California Adventure. I’ve visited that place a few months ago before my trip to Disneyland and I have to say, The place is just as fun as Disneyland! Even though it failed to gain traction and was berated in the past when it opened in 2001, Since the park has new attractions that are related to Disney movies and properties, the park has gotten mostly positive reviews after it’s $1 billion dollar renovation in 2012.

The Paradise Bay before their nightly show, World of Color.

The park's most recent attractions are the IncrediCoaster and Pixar Pier which is replacing Paradise Pier. The next attraction in the park which will be opening this year in 2020 will be a brand new immersive land called Avenger’s Campus. At that park you could go to different themed lands from Hollywood film-making to the adventures of being in the wilderness mountains. One of the lands I would definitely recommend you to go to is Pixar Pier and Hollywood Land. Overall, the park is a really fun adventure and I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s going to visit Disneyland! It’s time to live our very own California Adventure.

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