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Bellagio Fountains (and about the Bellagio)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Every time we visit Las Vegas, we are amazed and wowed by this impressive free show. The Bellagio Fountains are choregraphed fountains which are breathtaking, something you will never forget. Speaking of The Bellagio, Steve Wynn partnered with Jon Jerde (the designer of Treasure Island) to create it as the most spectacular hotel in the world, combining the beauty of Italian Renaissance Castles with the quaint villages of the country. Translated Italian to English, it means "The Place Of Elegant Relaxation", named after the village in Italy. The Fountains run every 30 minutes from noon to 8pm, and run every 15 minutes from 8pm to midnight. The times may change, so please check when you visit. The shows are different songs with the fountains synchronized to the music, which includes...

Uptown Funk

The Ecstasy Of Gold

The Pink Panther Theme

Viva Las Vegas

Bad Romance

My Heart Will Go On

Simple Gifts

… and more!

At $1.6 Billion, the whole resort is the most expensive in Las Vegas. In the lobby, there is an amazing glass chandelier hand-blown by Dale Chihuly, a glass artist. I was amazed by how much effort was put into the chandelier. It looks like flowers growing from the ceiling.

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