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A Hotel in Las Vegas

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

So far in Las Vegas, we have covered theme park rides, free shows and other attractions that are really fun. But if there’s another subject we can cover that has met or exceeded our expectations, it would be… hotels. We have stayed at the Elara Hilton Grand Vacations hotel a few times and we have a lot of pros about this hotel. Firstly, the lobby is elegant and beautiful when you first walk in, even before you get into the elevators. The rooms are also really cool, comfortable and offer a range of amenities not available in budget hotel rooms. The hotel features a projector, an Advantium microwave oven, and blackout shades that are in the bedrooms and living room that are motor-controlled by buttons on the wall. Finally, the hotel is located right next-door and connected to the Miracle Mile Shops mall so you can go shopping in a premier mall with ease. In my opinion, this is a haven of luxury for those who want to go to hotel in Las Vegas.

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